Tip #7: Protective eyewear – glasses, sunnies, prescription lenses…

It’s a very good idea to wear some sort of eyewear when riding, to protect your eyes from debris, dust, UV rays, wind, etc. But what if you already wear prescription glasses?

Sport-specific sunglasses not only wrap closer to your face so that less debris, wind and UV can get past the edges – they are also made from materials designed to flex rather than snap, and designed to break on impact in ways less likely to cause eye injuries.

Sport eyewear brands such as Tifosi, Rudy Project, Bolle, Nike, Poc, Smith and Oakley provide prescription sunglass options. You may be able to access these through your optometrist or directly through the provider’s website by uploading your script. You may also be able to claim a private health rebate on them.

What about riding through dappled light conditions? When I’m mountain biking, I wear a pair of Photochromatic (“Fototec”) sunnies – these are like transition lenses but with a less extreme tint range – designed to quickly shift from a slight tint to a darker tint as the need arises. Though mine aren’t prescription (thanks to Lasik!), I find they work very well for me in all light conditions.