Easy Thursday Rides

These are a weekly social ride.

Approximately 30 – 40 km at an average cycling speed of 15 k.p.h.

Easy grade, generally flat but there may be some hills.   We usually stop and recover at the top of a steep hill.

We like to use paths and may encounter some gravel, but will also ride on the road.

Rides generally start and finish at the same location, which is chosen by the ride leader.

Rides leave the start point at 9:30 a.m. unless indicated otherwise.   During summer months, leaders may elect to start the ride at 9:00 a.m.

Riders should arrive approximately 15 minutes before the departure time to sign on and attend the briefing.

Finish times vary depending on distance, but this is scheduled as a morning ride.

There will be a coffee stop of approximately half an hour, and drink/toilet stops along the route.

Ride leaders are Club Member volunteers, and anyone coming on an Easy Thursday ride should consider leading at least twice in the year, after being a Member for 12 months.

A whip is appointed during the briefing, and will remain at the back of the ride for the duration.

The whip is not expected to repair punctures, but may assist any rider in difficulty and contact the leader by mobile phone.

To keep the ride flowing smoothly, the leader may ask the rider immediately behind him/her to wait at intersections and act as a direction marshal until the whip is in sight.