Max Adams Support Fund

On 14 February 2019 Max had an unfortunate bicycle accident during a ride with Whitehorse Cyclists Inc (WCI). As a result of this incident Max experienced serious spinal injuries. These resulted in time spent at the Austin Hospital Spinal Unit and subsequently the Royal Talbot Spinal Rehabilitation Unit where he has spent some months.

Max is now confined to a wheelchair, has and will continue to experience restictions due to these spinal injuries. As a result, life has changed for Max. Many lifestyle changes are required.  

The ‘Max Adams Support Fund’ is being sponsored by WCI. Whether you know Max from WCI, from another club or group to which Max belongs or in any other capacity we hope that you will feel free to support us. No matter how small, every donation will help and all funds raised will go directly to Max. 

Please follow this link to donate

Max Adams Support Page

NOTE: If you donate you can receive a receipt however, the donation is not tax deductable as we are not a registered charity.